Marijn in jeans outfit

Marijn in jeans pants and jeans jacket. She gets her pants a little bit wet, but the focus is on the great fit of this lovely girl!

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Tamara on white pumps and jeans skirt


New girl Tamara on white pumps, jeans skirt and a green top gets totally wet

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New girl Gita is named after a Hindu godess, and we think she is heavenly when wet!

She has fun running around on the shore, her pants get wet soon, and she takes her time to get the shirt and short jacket wet a well.

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Soaked jeans on Pauline


Pauline in a purple pullover and a dark jeans.
Sitting in the pond she uses a bottle of water to get double soaked! 🙂

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Movie of Cleo in perfect outfit


Fantastic movie of Cleo in her perfect fit D&G jeans and a purple shirt in the pool.

You just gotta love the water squeezing out when she squats. Oh well, just check this sample, you’ll love her!

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Jeansmodel: Girls in wet Jeans

Moroccan Leila in a bright blue denim with wide flares and tight thighs.
She poses in it dry and then makes it wet in the shower to get a darker colour. 170 big pictures

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Movie of Jessica in mud


Movie of Jessica in a jeans jacket and a jeans skirt over a pink legging getting from all clean to all dirty!

Even her hair she covers in mud

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New girl Marie-Louise has a great outfit! Nice jeans and a long vest over a brown shirt, over a black top.

She gets totally soaked and uses her shoes to pour even more water over her arm to get that lovely shine!

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Femke muddy



700 pictures of new girl Femke! We have made a stereo-shoot, which means you get a view from several angles at the same time.

A very nice shoot it was! She is wearing stretch leggings under a jeans jacket, which she gradually makes dirty with nice wet mud.

Near the end she takes off the jacket and still finds some clean spots on her purple shirt. But not for long 🙂

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2 crazy girls get messy with eggs and melasse. Sexy!


 2 crazy girls get messy with eggs and melasse. Sexy!

Karina in wet jeans



New girl Karina is a lovely and petite dreamgirl. She wears a jeans that gets very tight when wet she almost couldnt get it off at the end anymore :- and two layers of a vest on a brown shirt.

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Cleo in the pool

New girl Cleo in a smashing outfit! Pumps, a Dolce & Gabbana jeans and a cute pullover.  She has wonderfull hair that gets soaked perfectly!!

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Black girl in light jeans



Miss Eden shows her hot denim!


Anna in muddy jeans



Anna in jeanspants and a jeansjacket plays with mud and rubs it. The she takes a dip. In the last part she washes herself in the river.

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Movie of Bianca

Movie of Bianca in black boots, a tight blue jeans and a grey shirt that changes color from light till dark when it gets gradually wet.

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Maritza in an all-jeans outfit



Maritza in an all-jeans outfit. She poses in the shower and near the end she takes off her denim jacket, revealing a plain white T-shirt that gives such a good casual look to the outfit.

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Glai in jeansoutfit


New girl Glai is wearing a jeans outfit.
She wades in the yellow muddy water and poses with Ging
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Angelina in jeans


Angelina in a snowy landscape in darkblue jeans.

Movie of Jessica in jeans

Movie of Jessica in blue jeans and white blouse. She poses on the shore, getting all wet. Then she rubs herself with wet sand and washes that off as well.

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