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About the downtime

As you may have noted, some of our sites went down for a couple of days.

We had a serious servercrash which took out about 60 of our websites, mainly the wetlook and messy ones.
After we restored the backup, we had another minor crash which luckily could be fixed within 2 days.

We’re currently in the process of restoring the weekly updates that got lost in the backup
99% of things should be up and running as fast and stable as always now.

If you run into any kind of problem, have any questions or see something strange, please contact us at info@wetlook.org

Paul & Sue


New girl Angela brings a hurricane of energy! She is young, wild and very open to her first wetlook-experience!

Her outfit is like herself, colorful and happy with crazy sneakers, yellow pants, orange shirt and red top vest. And braces 🙂

via Girls in Wetlook at Wetclothinggirls.

Sarana and Bas

New couple Sarana & Bas are both wearing expensive jeans and a shirt on top.

They are very much in love, which is clear to see, the can’t stop touching each others wet clothes.

via Couples in Wetlook.


New girl Veronique with glasses, pantyhose, heels, tight skirt and a sheer blouse.

She is very elegant and makes sure she wets every part of her clothes!

via Premium Wetlook – Girls in wet clothes.


Supermodel with a surprise! Very athletic Carmen in a black trainer with Nike Air Max and hoodie.

She shows off her very hard body (with near-sixpack) and does some neat tricks, but the best must be the end,

where she opens her knot to reveal her 1 meter long red hair! Don’t you just love this girl?

via Wetlook Planet – Wetlook in sports clothes, sportswear, sportive and shiny outfits.




One of the roundest asses in the world on gorgeous Roxanne in dress 🙂

via WetlookLovers – Sexy girls in Wet clothes, lingerie and see-through clothing – Sexy Wetlook!.


Lovely smile and hair on Christianne, she is wearing shorts and a black top and gets fully soaked.

via DutchWetlook – Dutch girls getting wet fully clothed, Wetlook Contest.

Mature lady Noa all wet!

Movie of New pretty blond lady Noa!

She poses in a great brown dress and gets completely soaked.

Please also visit her new website: www.maturewetlook.com

If you join now, you will get one month for FREE!

via WetlookWorld – Mature women in Wet Clothes – Wetlook.